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Spiritual Development

This is offered to people who have an interest in developing spiritual awareness or other associated areas. I have a wide knowledge of many different facets of Spiritual development. This field is provided for those who wish to develop their own abilities and offers insight and guidance. Aspects covered can include angels, dreams, crystals, astral travel etc.

Life Skills/Healing/


This consultation will provide you with advice and guidance for today’s lifestyle. Whatever issues are affecting you, whether work, social, relationships, skills, they can be alleviated through this service. It is designed to to help you take back your personal inner power and give you the confidence and encouragement to face and overcome current problems or try new adventures.


I offer workshops/courses on various areas of spiritual development. These can be taught to small groups or on a one to one basis, and can be of various durations and times, depending on requirements.

Group Clairvoyance Demonstrations

I provide mediumship/clairvoyance

demonstrations and presentations to small groups, organisations and churches.

For further details on all these services please contact me or book via my Contact Me page.

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