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The Spiritual Reading

This type of reading is intended for clients who are interested in developing their own spiritual pathway. They may have had some bereavement in the past and perhaps have felt spirit close or even trying to communicate. They may have experiences of sensing that personal or significant events were occurring distantly.


This reading helps people who are starting their spiritual journey and are looking for answers and encouragement. As they develop awareness, they often will receive confirmation and understanding of thoughts which previously had been presented to them.


It’s an enlightening reading which can not only bring forward spirit, but often ideas and plans which help the client to decide their spiritual path.

The Oracle Reading

This is a card based reading using an Oracle deck. The cards come in many different totems and have been used as a divination tool for many years. This is a general reading that picks up on areas of people’s lives, but cannot provide specific details such as names or dates. It can however suggest that people or events can come into your life, work or relationships.


Oracle cards, (Angels, Animals, Fairies), offer insights on events that may represent areas of your life. These are used to give enlightenment and encouragement. They are a guidance tool that point to positive areas around you at the present time and give you a boost.


This type of reading can be used with a 12-card spread. Otherwise it can be used in a 3-card reading which is based on past, present and future. Lastly a single card reading can be provided which may guide the sitter on a current concern or situation.

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