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Have you lost direction or purpose in life. Are there decisions or choices to be made and you just need some advice and guidance to help with them. Whatever the case it may be that a reading is what will help you reassert your purpose and define your goals in life.


People contact or arrange to see me for many various reasons. I offer different readings depending on the circumstances of the individual and what they made need or seek at that particular time.


The  readings offered can be between 30 to 90 minutes depending on your preference and the information passed to me. If wanted I can provide a 12 card reading, which may include direction and information that spirit has asked me to pass on.

Part of your reading focuses purely on the earthly world that personally affects you. Relationships, career, finances, all that affect your current and forthcoming life path will be highlighted on, and any guidance needed will be given.

You can change your life, you have the power to do this. By making informed choices and decisions, with my advice and guidance, life and events will become clearer to navigate through, with more success and satisfaction gained.



Your Preparation

As a spiritual recipient the more open and receptive you are to the process the better. Thinking about the reading prior to the sitting, putting your questions out to those in Spirit, or asking them to see if they can come through before you arrive, all help create strong links.

Communication with Spirit works stronger when an open minded approach is taken. Their desire is to communicate and your help with this provides stronger links. So, please be open to the process, without preconceived ideas or judgements, and you will enjoy the reading and get so much more out of it.


Further Information

Please refer to the following pages for descriptions of specific readings:

    Mediumship Readings

    Psychic Readings

    Spiritual Readings

    Oracle Card Readings

    Social Events/Parties

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