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The Mediumship Reading

This reading is often preferred by people who are looking for comfort and closure. For others it helps confirm that their passed loved ones are happy and are still watching over them.


The amount of information received depends on each individual person. It is a reflection of what they may need to help them at a particular time and place, also to regain some normality and peace.


The spirit world generally wants to communicate with messages giving assurance and comfort to loved ones. They also want to demonstrate they continue to be involved in loved ones’ lives. Who comes forward from spirit, however, will depend on the circumstances of their passing and on their character on the Earth plain. Please be assured that messages given will be positive, helpful and with love.

The Psychic Reading

This reading is for help and guidance through the difficulties and uncertainties of everyday life. For some clients it’s to help make decisions regarding a change in lifestyle, career or location. For others it may be to help review and assess emotions, satisfaction or objectives. Whatever the case a psychic reading will assist you to reassert your purpose and define your goals in life, helping set direction and progression.


The reading needs to be approached with openness and honesty from the client, as free will always affects paths and directions taken. With advice and guidance of a reading, events, choices and decisions will become clearer to navigate through, with more success and satisfaction gained.


A psychic reading is given on a face to face basis. If you are searching to find out about a loved one that has passed to spirit then you need a mediumship reading.

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