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International Psychic Medium

Consultation Fees

Fees for individual readings start from as little as $15.00 for a single card reading, and go to $135.00 for a full in depth, one to one, spiritual/mediumship/psychic reading. Please see below for a full list of fees, (all in $NZ).

To arrange a booking or request further details on all these service please Contact Me.


One to One

In person one to one readings; these can be held at:

  • My home in Wellington

  • Your home

  • Via Skype, Viber etc.

  • Telephone

15 Minutes - This is a brief session designed to focus on one specific question or subject.


30 Minutes – This is a short session designed to expand on and explore one specific question or subject.


60 Minutes  - This is a more in-depth session which can cover a range of questions and subjects.



90 Minutes – This is for clients who require an extensive consultation, which can go into greater detail and guidance. I recommend this for clients who consider they need significant help and guidance for sensitive and/or complex issues.



12 Card Spread (Celtic Cross) - $50.00


Please note:

  • For readings at your home. my travel expenses will additionally apply.

  • Telephone readings will be at client’s expense for the call.


Other Options

Internet Oracle Card Readings:

These will be provided via e-mail:

  • 1 Card – I will interpret a card and provide a paragraph or two of help and guidance - $15.00

  • 3 Cards (Past, Present, Future) - $35.00


E-Mail Readings:

Please contact me for a price as it will depend upon the extent of your needs.


Group Sessions:

These can be for churches, organisations or informal groups. Please contact me to discuss options and prices.


Social Events/Parties:

$30 per person for a 15 minute reading, minimum of four people.


Bookings, Reschedules, Cancellations, Queries:

Please contact me in regard to any of these.

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